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Redesign yourself!

Abundance, less stress, better health, happy relationships, life purpose and more fruitful creativity. . . it all starts here with a personal guide

Hamish W. Ziegler, CHLC

Certified Holistic Life & Happiness Coach



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Your Greatest Self.

If you're in the mix of this modern world, or "uncomfortably" retired, you are probably looking for more time, not necessarily more money - but to what end?

Well, time to be happier. But what does that mean?

We pursue happiness, working toward a future time to be happy, once we are "set."

This is a mistake.

Leaving behind the Now for the pursuit of future happiness doesn't work because the grinding process of "getting there some day" leaves us, ironically, less able to be happy when that day comes.

True happiness was always there, waiting for you. You were born that way. Remember being young?

Let me introduce the concept of Undertime.

“Overtime” is in the dictionary. “Undertime” is not. Why is that?

They don't pay for overtime at Wal Mart. They don't pay for undertime either. Yet undertime can be far more important than we realize. It is our happiness equity.

How many of us can truly be quiet and calm in the present moment without the mind jumping to the hurts of past, or the fears or tasks of the future?

How many of us work at our passion, in full creativity using our signature talents?

How many of us have learned the power of gratitude? Of forgiveness?

How many of us have truly found work and leisure balance?

How many of us can actually play and be silly with other adults?

How many of us are truly comfortable in our own skins in a quiet moment with nothing to do?

We live around 90% of our time in reactive "trances" brought on by childhood or other trauma that we don't control - these patterns of behavior control us.

There are daily practices that lessen our dependence on these patterns and increase our awareness of what makes us truly happy.

Many spend thousands on a new kitchen remodel, then throw designer dishes at our partner - but we don't spend a dime on our own personal growth for a happier life.

Funny thing.











Take Control

of the Now .


My life as a university teacher followed the rules of the road, a time-bound existence with millions of words that buzzed and whirred, thousands of thoughts in an endless stream. I was exhausted.

What had happened to my life?














I was addicted to thinking. I could not stop to relax.


Many of us have professions that leave us uninspired, or we are retired and missing purpose in life. Some can't stop working, some can't stop worrying. Some are addicted, divorced, tired, alone, the life spirit gone.


Is this as good as it gets? No. Not by a long shot.


Positive psychologists today feel a ballpark figure around 30-50% that happiness is genetic. That leaves a lot of room to get happier!


When I allowed myself the freedom to follow my signature talents and teach happiness as a life coach and guide, my life changed. 

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Hamish W. Ziegler, CHLC is certified by the Spencer Institute of California

When a woman saw Picasso doodle on a napkin at a restaurant, she asked him if he would sell it.


He replied, "It's $20,000."


She said, "But I saw you! It only took you five minutes."


Picasso replied:

"Madame, it took an entire lifetime."


I have been guiding and teaching my entire life. . .


At 62 years old, I'm a certified Life Coach, father of two, a world traveler and university professor of English, a writer, a happiness researcher and a twenty-year member in men's groups doing inner work.  


If we get together, you'll get a lifetime of experience.

stop talking. . .


A man was an officer in a bank for forty years. When he retired, he'd saved a nest egg. He'd built up his equity - but his happiness account was empty.

He had worked for retirement, but he didn't know what to do with himself when he got there. He had a lot of time on his hands. The hamster wheel was still rolling in his head.

He didn't know how to just be. His sense of Self was wrapped up in identification with his role - banker. But who was he as a person?

Uncover a Simple Secret...

Living in the Now

"Happiness is relative," everyone says.

To an extent yes, but we all share the same urge for joy.

There are certain accepted keys to human happiness - desire, purpose, abundance, creativity, and above all according to Harvard research... strong relationships!

I will help you learn how to use your signature talents you were BORN with to attract or create them. And you will learn how to live in the NOW instead of the past or future. 

Accelerate the flow, not the stuff. . .

Maybe you've noticed that as you mature, you buy less stuff to make you happy - you now buy experiences.

What do we spend money on that brings the most juice in life? Movies, a live music act, paintings, a new book, a new studio to create in or a great adventure experience. . . we feel "flow" in these experiences. 

Experiences put us in the Present Moment, especially physical ones in the woods, the sea or the mountains - becoming aware of our bodies keep us in the Now. 

Being in the Present is the only place life occurs. Living in past hurt, or future happiness... are fantasy - and distract us from living now.



The past few months have brought profoundly positive changes in my life. For this, I credit my weekly life coaching sessions with Hamish. His unique approach to problem-solving, combined with his compassionate and understanding attitude toward focusing on “progress not perfection” helped me to overcome many of the inner obstacles that have limited me for years. If you’re looking for someone who can help you improve your life in whatever way is best for you, then I highly recommend Hamish’s life coaching services.


Sean D., Columbia, SC






I had been unemployed for almost two years when I met Hamish, and was struggling to push away negative thoughts about my strengths and abilities. He is a great listener, and shares insightful spot-on thoughts about what he hears. He offered me a variety of suggestions to further reinforce the things we talked about, and followed up the next time we spoke to ask how those things worked for me.


After working with Hamish I was able to focus on the many positive attributes I have to offer an employer, and found a job! As an unexpected bonus, he also provided a gentle and honest perspective about the value of my personal life as well, and has helped me begin making improvements in that area. 


I'm extremely grateful for the sensitive enlightenment Hamish has shared with me!


-Beverly, Asheville NC



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My new Happy People of Asheville Book is here...



Hamish and I first met in line at a coffee shop.  I am retired, productive, responsible and driven.  I was not unhappy nor happy, just bobbing along in the flow of life.  Hamish told me he was a happiness coach.  I was intrigued.  I asked him for a business card.  For most of my life I have wondered what joy means.  Where it comes from?  How you get it?  I thought I could explore those questions with Hamish.  So, I called and made an appointment.


Hamish has been a good guide.  I now know where joy does not come from.  It does not come from allowing the internal voice I have named “the personal critic” to have it’s way with me.  “Why can’t you be like him?” it says.  “Why aren’t you like them?” it reproves.  “Why didn’t you do this or that or something else?” it judges.  I am now able to recognize that voice and say to myself, “Oh, it’s you again,” and then dismiss it with the mantra, “I am good enough as I am.”  I also know that joy does not come from allowing the internal voice of “the public critic” to monopolize my attention either.  Instead, I am getting better at being present in the moment.  Being in the moment is a good, settled, nonreactive place to be.  I think I just might have started a journey that may lead me to joy.


What would you like to explore with Hamish?  Give him a call.



Asheville, NC

The photo-essay book The Happy People of Asheville, What Makes  a Joyful Town is available now locally and on Blurb books. Not just about this wonderful, crazy, town I live in, it's a guide to what it takes for all of us everywhere to be more aware of happiness. The Asheville Happiness Project is a local movement to enable all of us to live in more sustained joy.

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