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What is a Life and Happiness Coach?

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Couldn't I spend my money on a new  kitchen remodel?

You could, but then you would be unhappy in a better kitchen...


What do you get when you have a life & happiness coach?

Is this therapy? I've tried that.

Can anyone truly help me with STRESS?

Can this help me in all areas of my life, such as good health, life purpose, desire and prosperity?


What do you get? A happier, deeper, LESS STRESSFUL life.

It's not therapy.

Traditional therapy or psychiatry deals with deep emotional problems from past trauma that block a normal life. A happiness guide looks not at problems, but at methods for greater future happiness based on a normal life. It is the field of science known as Positive Psychology. It's how we take a default existence and make it a VIBRANT life.

You can be truly happier.

I will get to know you, listen compassionately and closely to your dreams - and help you realize them. 

A coach is like a mountain-climbing guide, who is always there to help in the ascent. It is more than a friend can do, because friends are not trained, and they run out of energy to help.

For those who are already emotionally stable and want to look forward to greater sustainable joy, not like a diet where you get fat again, but a real life change -

coaching is the only way to get this kind of help. 

I can guide you in many areas of life - romantic relationships, abundance, spirituality, family, work-life balance, body and nutrition and career . . . 

Ultimately, the depth of your relationships is the source of happiness, and most areas of life revolve around them. How much love and open heartedness you can bring to them

depends on your OUTLOOK ON LIFE - and that is what we change.. 

Yes, you can buy a kitchen remodel with the money you might pay me. But a remodel will fade and not make you ultimately happier. Changing your life won't fade.

Your new, happier, more confident Self will attract successful, interesting people and more abundance - a kitchen remodel will come naturally as a side note of your increased abundance,

not as a temporary attempt at a happier life through material means.


Comparing ourselves to others does not inspire happiness

The pursuit of money as your life's goal can leave the spirit sour and you addicted, divorced or dead.

Happiness is not for the future. It is for the Now. And it springs from the present moment.

Avoiding unhappiness is not the way to happiness.

Suffering can lead to life wisdom and inner peace because it makes you grateful for the love and abundance you have.

Happiness is knowing and answering your purpose and calling.

Happiness can lead to more more abundance because you attract happy, successful people when you are happy.

Happiness is being loved for who you are.

  Those who are scared of dying - have not lived yet.

A happy life eases the fear of dying.

Happiness is being able to receive love.

Loving yourself is the key.

 Listening is loving.

We should be concerned not with the pursuit of happiness - but with the happiness of pursuit -

that is love, creation and inspiration.

Hamish and his wife Carolyn at home in the kitchen.


Love makes us all naked. And that's good!

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